drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Should poor people have single sex educational facilities.

On the one hand we have
The Detroit Public Schools -- and possibly districts across the state -- could soon offer all-boy or all-girl schools, classes and other programs if legislation that's gaining momentum in Lansing is approved.
The House Education Committee has scheduled a hearing for Wednesday on a proposal that would change state law to allow single-sex public schools in Detroit. The Senate Education Committee unanimously endorsed a broader plan last week that would have applied to the entire state, despite the threat of a lawsuit if the proposal were to become law.
Advocates say single-sex schools give families more educational options, improve classroom discipline and create a better learning environment for all children.
State Rep. LaMar Lemmons III, the Detroit Democrat who sponsored the House bill, said the law could help the city draw students back into the public school system, which has lost about 20,000 students in the last two years to charter, private and suburban schools.

[ cf Freep: Detroit lawmaker pushes for all-boy, all-girl schools
ACLU threatens to sue if bill is passed
Which may be what is really behind the Crisis Of Faith in comrade Party Member Brookes current effort to work the New Mojo Move Forward on how things are different between boys and girls. I would recommend that you check out Hbisner's Look at the silly Monkey! where he does a really great crank.

Now of course, the question is how do we really deal with the real issues here.

How do we balance between the public duty to have an open and honest society in which there is the understanding that what is Egalitarian, in terms of the Law, is not Equalitarian where everyone is suppose to be all the same. And from there how do we deal with the whole matter of public education - especially in the growing failures of the No Child Left Behind Eschatology.

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