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More State Sponsored Protection For Torturing

Well, whew! This must be a load off of everyone's angst Festival:
A Law Lords ruling allowed an appeal by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia against a 2004 Court of Appeal decision for the men to be able to sue for damages.

The four had been jailed after being accused of taking part in a bombing campaign in Saudi Arabia six years ago.

Saudi Arabia, supported by the British government, argues that its officials are protected by state immunity.

It says state immunity extends to individuals and has to be protected.

The four men were backed by Amnesty International, The Redress Trust, Interights and Justice.

The Court of Appeal's 2004 ruling to let Sandy Mitchell, Les Walker, Ron Jones and Canadian Bill Sampson sue was described by civil rights lawyers as an historic victory, ending immunity for torturers abroad.

But Saudi Arabia appealed to the Law Lords, arguing that its officials were protected by the 1978 State Immunity Act.

Lawyers for the men involved had said that argument is incompatible with international and European human rights law.

But the British government intervened in the case to support the State Immunity Act.

[ cf BBC: Saudi 'torture' Britons lose case ]
Yes, quite a load off of anyone who was worrying that their only protection was the willingness of Dubya to Stand Up for his loyalists.

And doesn't it just suck when those Evil Al-Qaeda Types accidentally disprove the Saudi Thesis that it was all some Alchohol Fueled Turf War between westerners...

Hum, what if they said,
Now speaking about being more supportive of the Greatest Military Leader EVER!!! our records are not quite as clear about your full loyalty as you might wish them to be at this time....

Do You have anything you would like to openly share with us now, about your loyalty and devotion to the Greatest Military Leader EVER!!! before we begin...
Be Seeing You!

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