drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Anti-War Radicals Bork Supreme Nominee

It of course comes as no real surprise that the GOD HATING Anti-War Radicals decided to take this opportunity to persecute the Innocent Self Professed Evangelical Christian Frau Meirs, that is just the sort of behavior that GOD HATING Anti-War Radicals engage in.

But to think that these GOD HATING Anti-War Radicals would oppose the Greatest Military Leader EVER! and that in a time of More@War than ever before!

Why that is just SHOCKING!!!!

How can the nation survive if these Anti-War Radicals can openly offer aid and comfort to the Enemy by NOT Supporting the President to Support the Troops!!

Or is there some sort of majikal dispensation that has been granted about when Supporting the President to Support the Troops is more required than at other times. Not to mention which forms of offering aid and comfort to the Enemy is more badder than others.

Oh well... so much for that whole mythos about 'restoring the dignity to the white house'....

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