drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

That Al-Zarqawi Thingie

It is so interesting watching the various media issues working their way around this problem. I mean IF we are to believe that there were American Military Medical Personnel trying to keep him alive, this is not information that is derived from an autopsy. I mean setting the 'time of death' is really not that difficult when the Medical Personnel In Charge at the time of death are there.... Not a Lot of Quincy ME needed there.

Or is that also a part of the core problem here. The current Regime has 'cried wolf' too many times about killing this or that person, as a part of their culture of "bring it on" that they are no longer sure if they have real reasons for killing folks.

Given that the DOW, again, drifted lower, could it be that the Echo Chamber is trying to look for happier news to deal with, that is on 'the war side', since the other 'war news' remains as scrambled.....

Hum... What if this were an america where the death of the folks in the 2nd world trade center was not merely the sort of fodder for more hate spewing by the likes of HanoiAnnieCoulter as she seeks to stir up the VOCHA base of the Party..... Better yet, where those deaths were suppose to have meant something, and the 'go get them' were in some way tied to the survivors of those deaths in the 2nd attack on the world trade center, and .....

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