drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy

Hey Boys and Girls, should the Keepers of The Private Diplomacy Efforts, which we all know, must be secured from americans, brief the folks on the Public Side of the Line???
"We have no desire to be the world's jailers," said Sean McCormack. "We would look forward to the day at some point when Guantanamo Bay would close down. But the fact of the matter is that it right now houses some very dangerous people who are a threat not only to American citizens but other people around the world."
[ cf VoA: US Disavows Guantanamo Suicide Comment ]
WOW! did you know that the folks whom they were going to release have opted to remain politically engaged enough to carry out their "hunger strike" attack on the Americans....

Hum... So which side is the Official American Position on who gets to get to GitMo? And who gets to get Let Loose From GitMo...

Not to mention that really Freaky Moment,
If these are some very dangerouse people?
then why are we not dropping 500lb bombs on them???

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