drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Speaking Of Propoganda And Misinformation

Which side is really concerned about
In a news briefing intended to counter what they described as "propaganda and misinformation," the officials also emphasized that medics tried to give Mr. Zarqawi treatment when they first arrived on the scene, but that his lungs were full of blood.
[ cf AmPravda: Zarqawi Was Killed by Blast, Autopsy Says ]
Is the American Military trying to distance itself from the American Civilian Desire for a War On Civilians?

And if so, why? Have they started to OPPOSE the Political Process, and the National Chain Of Command? And if so, is there a need to put more Political Security Forces into the American Ground Units that are sent overseas to maintain the Strict Discipline that is required as memembers of the Republican Guard Units.

Or is the Crisis Here that the American Armed Forces is attempting to Commit Suicide on Fox News by asserting that american troops were trying to save the life of the Perp....

These are Such Tough Times, and it is not always clear as to which parts were fully vetted by the MiniTrue.

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