drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Which War? Which War Aims?

One of my email friends had the decaf moment, that Gosh, many of the american TV media have been presenting "the desert war" in Iraq, and that the footage he has seen, save for the arabeque signs, could just as well be parts of Chicago.

So while we are working on formalization of
"War Of The White Man's Burden"
we may want to work out some of the technical details.

How do we really go forward, what is the real issue here? How do we get on with Winning The White Man's Burden War, so that we can make the world safe for nice white heteorseuxal christian girls to marry the sort of man her father would approve of....

I mean, isn't this all about finding HanoiAnnieCoulter a Husband, since clearly she must be saving it for Marriage, and then only in the right context of the Great War Against Good And Evil.

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