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When Reality Checks go Boing-Boing-Boing

Reducing the number of different gasoline blends sold to fight air pollution in the United States could increase pump prices for consumers instead of lowering costs as advocates of streamlined regulations hope, U.S. oil refiners warned Congress Wednesday.

Many lawmakers and energy experts believe limiting the variety of clean-air gasoline blends would make it easier to fix regional supply shortages. Currently, the patchwork of blends has refiners producing gasoline only for specific areas.

But a move to streamline available blends could make the situation worse, government and industry officials told the House Energy and Commerce Committee at a hearing Wednesday.

[ cf Cnn/Money: Simplifying gas blends could raise prices ]
Remember when dumb things that would not work was considered a basis for taking a RIP on the Writer for being, well, Dumb...

Ah yes, for those Halcyon Days, now long since lost to a time before the Iranain Flying Saucers Attacked On 09/11/2001, when all true americans decided to take the Talking Heads SERIOUS about Stop Making Sense without actually having to worry about becoming "a real live wire" and yet still able to play PsychoKiller but on the Net, and only for the Fighting 101st Keyboards.

So while I give mad props to Hebisner, here for keeping track on the WackFest of the Libbey Persecution Festival. I think I will still go with S9's effort to keep up with The Real PsychoKillers, in his Your Daily Moment Of Coprophilia as he keeps on trying to work with the emotionally traumatizing process by which the Facts Keep Staying The Same, but the Excuses keep drifting, and drifting, and drifting, like "Gilligan's Island" as a Reality TV Show.

I really wish I had something fancier to note about why the Bond Traders are NOT YET going down on the Dollar, and accepting that it is losing ground rapidly. The Up Side of that of course is that the number of Multi-Million Dollar (american) Mobile Home's are so going to be everyone's future moment of Happineff and all...

So remind me again, which is the More Better Part in all of this?

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