drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Supporting Snakes On A Plane

I just found a rather fabulous Noodles With Teeth, what ScreenHead calls:
a 30s style megaphone croon for the upcoming Sam Jackson modern movie classic Snakes On A Plane. This, friends and neighbors, is why we have the internet.

It's a fabulous croon as these things go!

Clearly It is Ever Patriotic American's Duty to Patriotically Support Snakes On A Plane, as it is clear and compelling evidence about why we Must not ONLY renew the Patriot Act, but Continue Winning Glorious Victories Over Evil In Iraq to prevent the Al-Qaeda Satanic Gay Homosexual Zombie Cyborg Piloted Iraqi Flying Saucers from impossing Excessive Governmental Regulation on the Market Place!

Do YOUR PART to Stop the Al-Qaeda Satanic Gay Homosexual Zombie Cyborg Piloted Iraqi Flying Saucers by Supporting Snakes On A Plane, the Meme That Is Making AMERICA American Again!

Do IT to put the Dubya Back into DubyaMas as the Argument From Intelligent Design Demands!

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