drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Who Cleared Whom Of What???

I recently ran across a BBC article that alledges that the current state of the current military interpretation of the most recent allegation of an atrocity in Iraq is, well, that it wasn't quite that. Which makes the current military statement about the current allegations of an atrocity in iraq, gosh, just like the ones that were first floated by the USMC back in November. You know, back before it was handed over to what has become the four investigations into not only who killed whom, but why the cover up.

So is the current speach utterance about american policy posturing in Iraq the current statement, or is that too still a trial ballon, pending, as we are starting to learn more and more from this regime, the outcome of the plea bargaining.

Which makes me wonder, why didn't the Prez Spend More Time with The USMC back in the day? I don't Know, rather than sending cutsey notes to, well, gosh, those Key Lay Kinda Guys who, well, had questionable moral standards....

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