drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

And which will be the real story

Gosh kids, now that Forbes is asserting that Komrade Party Talking Head Tony Stone is Openly Leaking that there are upwards of Four Different concurrent Investigations going on over the Haditha Massacre, will they ever get around to establishing
  • What Actually Happened.
  • Does the Current Regime Support Wars on Civilians.
  • Is Killing Civilians a Bad Thing???
The former might be interesting to know.

The later may complicate matters for the VOCHAS who have been valiantly fighting the rear guard action about how we need to stop pussy footing around, and drop the kid gloves, the liberal guilt, and take the fight 'to the enemy'. But basically all we have ever been able to learn from the Ilk like the Fighting 101st Keyboards is that they Hate Civilians and hope that they die...

Or will this too go the way of the ongoing whinging about the Plame Crisis, as we move through the various stages as members of the White House Staff keep getting Thrown into the line of fire, to keep protecting the Greatest Military Leader EVER!!!! From the Persectution by Radical Left Wing Anti-War Type Extremist, like Patrick J. Fitzgerald, who hate Christians....

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