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Bringing The War Back Home.

Our friends over at MojoWire seem to be a bit confused about The Iraqification Of New Orleans, since, well gosh, it really should be the Patriotic All American Way to do our part to bring the War Back Home for everyone to enjoy!

Yesterday while having some spare time to hang out and sew I decided to do my patriotic duty and check to see if the Main Stream Media was going to accidentally announce the election results before the votes had actually been counted in Iraq. I Mean we're so suppose to be making Iraq the next little america, so hopefully that would be step one on the agenda. But BUMMER! Nope. No early results. CNN was trying to figure out if they wanted to cover the Million Person March, or which ever rehash of what ever would fill up the spaces between the Commercials. While Fox News was rolling the live Feed from Toledo Ohio where the Anti-Nazi march was turning into a "Riot". That of course was gonna keep those eye balls glued to the Tube through the Adverts as americans waited breathlessly for the stunning word as to how things were really gonna turn out. TV Well Worth Watchin!

I kept waiting for the bombers to arrive.

I mean here we have an armed insurrection in a so called time of war! Clearly the President would scramble the Bomber Fleet so that americans would be able to sleep safely knowing that the President Understood the Importance of Using Massive High Technology Warfare against armed insurgency.

But Nope. No Bombers.

No Cool Helicopters shooting rockets and chain guns.


It was as if the Greatest Military Leader EVER! Our 'war president' had up and decided that Ohio just was not really worth fighting for. Could it be that Ohio, as one of those 'blue states', is not a part of the "Red State Mindset" worth defending? Hum? You know just as Mississippi, Alabama and the rest were not worth the federal time of day when it was merely a natural disaster, and not an armed uprising by the dangerous thug element.

Should we be concerned about this? Should we be asking ourselves which are the True Red States that the president is actually willing to commit troops to defend? Or would that be one of those impolite questions? One of those efforts to compare the political rhetoric of the ProWar Types with their actual behavior? That whole impolite distinction between what is a 'police operation' and what is it that we need to 'send in the military'???

Now don't get me wrong here. I'm not advocating that we pull any troops out of Iraq to win the War At Home. Nope, I so back the clear and compelling need to keep that "war" running for the next decade or so before we allow Iraq to fall to the Iraqi. I mean how else are the Anti-Anti-War types gonna get "wood" without resorting to viagra?

But clearly with our brilliant Massive Military Capacity we should be able to fight more than one theatre. It's in the whole military doctrine thingiePoo. So why not have the fun and excitement of being able to watch the tanks roll in Ohio? That would clearly make TV worth watching! Besides it would help with the Hotel Occupancy issues! All of the global Journalists would not have to go to some god forsaken spot that didn't have decent room service!

Think how much it would buck up the spirit of the those on the Home Front!

No more need for the Administration to work hard on how many super sekret plots and conspiracies it has been able to unmask and destroy since the day that changed everything! No more fumbling around by the Department of Homeland Security and the complete uncertainty about whether the issue should be dealt with in an american court of law. Why americans would be able to see the victories up close and personal! They could watch as american troops were able to open up public schools, and bring medical health programs, as well as 'votes that count' to the folks in Toledo Ohio! All of the very Positive News about winning the War At Home that the Evil Liberal Media would of course under report as they focus'd on the bombing attacks and new offensives against suspected insurgent hold outs, dead enders, and which ever other phrase we use.

Think how much more exciting it would be as more and more americans could be so excited about putting together aid packages for our Troops gloriously winning the Global War On Terrorism on the Ohio Front!!!! That would clearly shut up those Anti-War Types and their whining. Because all americans could then go on vacations to Ohio and visit the actual war front for themselves! Think about the fun and excitment of taking the wife and kids to the Forward Edge of Battle! Maybe even help out loading artillery shells for another fire mission against a suspected insurgent strong hold. Think how much fun everyone would have!!!!

So those Nattering Nabobs of Negativism over at mojowire really need to get over their whiney ways and come on In For The Big WIN!

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