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More Good News Leaks Out Of Iraq

Civilians are increasingly bearing the brunt of the violence in the conflict-ridden country with the health ministry reporting 932 civilians killed in May, a 36% increase over April.
[ cf Ethics 'refreshers' for troops ]
Ok so the typical Whyine Leftist and their God Hating America Bashers were probably focusing on
US military officials announced on Thursday an ethical refresher program for all coalition forces in Iraq in the wake of the killing of a pregnant woman and furor surrounding an alleged shooting rampage by US marines.

Meanwhile, Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki condemned the November 2005 incident in the western town of Haditha that resulted in the deaths of 24 civilians and called for a review of coalition forces' rules of engagement.

[ op cit ]
and of course wondering how we can prosecute the Iraqi Prime Minister Guy for TREASON!!! I mean what sort of Nut Case takes the Lives Or Iraqi's as more Important that stopping the Liberal Negative Nabobs!!!

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