drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Wanna Play The Murtha Game???

Hey Howdy Doody Kids, what IS the chance now that the President has decided to officially step up to the plate and make the same sort of squeeky noise he makes when there is a need to sound like he hopes that the problem would have gone away, but gosh, it appears that someone has adopted the position that Crime Is Criminal In America.

For extra fun, watch the Punditocracy for which ones are going to grow their ManMembers and use the same WhineFestivalIzing at ThePrez, for Stabbing Our Troops In The Back { can we use that without the TM mark? }, that they have been Whining about well, Gosh, Rep. Murtha, who has more combat time than any of the freaking Victims Of Chicken Hawk Angst Syndrome!!!

Ah yes, hey boys and girls, what Time Is It???

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