drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Snakes On A Plane - The Marketting Meme

CafePress's take but Let us be honest, I personally prefer, say Nixon Resigned as it adds additional strength to the general theory that it is SOOO Time to back Tricky Dick in these Grim and Desperate Time!!! Now more than ever we must Fight against the Culture of Death and it's Opposition to allowing the Metabolically Challenged Run The White House!!! But I am more than convinced that Americans are Finally Ready for the Greater of Two Evils!!! The First All American Zombie President!!! Tricky Dick, He is Tanned, He Is Rested, and He can EAT airplanes with snakes on them, as he is the Greatest Snake Eater EVER!!!

Vote Nixon! Vote Now! Vote Often! and Keep On Voting until the Results are the Correct One!!!

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