drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Post Memorial Day Weekend Blues

Now, let us be warm, kuddlyWuddly and mostly frriendly, since I picked up my Toyota Prius on Friday, and got to cruise around a bit over the Memorial Day Weekend!!! Since there is the obligatory 'break in period' in which one needs to drive around and visit all of the right sorts of places and all of that sort of Yak.... while complying with the advice on the Manufacturers.

The Nice Up Side, the navigational system is really fun, and in many cases picks the interesting 'shortest path', which in many cases happens also to be the 'supporting road grid' which is actually in far better shape than the Freeway System here in the Bay Area. There was of course this SMALL techical ISSUE with getting directions, which while technical shortest path, need to have a limitation that asserts, "Do NOT use pregnant walking paths with DELUSIONS of grandeur that they have in some way a HOPE of growing up to become a road like related activities programme"!!! Since there are some SERIOUS GROWTH OPPORTUNITIES to be found between Hwy 1 and 280 !!!!

But that way goes around another Bend, which we will be going around, but slowly, and carefully, and in the section on
Why Your Evil Civilian Culture Should Be Bombed Flat To Make America American Again.
since there are clearly various national security threats that have been brought to our attention by allowing things to be on top of Other Things! Which of course, allow me briefly to WHINE here, and that is the Obligatory Horror of Finding out that LatentHeteroSexualNonMalePerKin are in it for just the Sex, and really do not care about the high level of technical expertise and efficiency that goes into Hybrid Cars!!!!
What is the UTILITY of a "babe Magnet" Mobile,
IF all they want is merely the cheap gratuitous Sex,
without any commitmentment to Engineering Excellence!!!

I Mean, What IS with that????
Which we wll also get into as time allows and there is more of a place to deal with the horrors of things on top of other things!!!

But the REALLY COMICAL PART was crusing around and visiting happy places in the Bay Area, and, well, let us be honest. I really do not mean to bemoan the HORROR, nor castigate the Evil Doing Evil Doers Who Are God Hating America Bashers In Bed With Al-Qaeda and are Openly Supporting the Destruction of Our White Christian America because their Personal Sexual Deviancy mandates that they expose their Unamericanism by means of their Small Penis Cars!!! But, well, Those Types Make Me SICK!!!! We should have the state security Apparatus Round them Up so as to stop them from Aiding And Abetting Evil Doers!!! I am, well, Just SHOCKED that they are such a prevasive Morally Disgusting Filth polluting Our Precious Bodily Fluids with their Failed Pre-911 Liberalism that some how Majikally the NannyState would keep on Nuking For Jesus just so that they would get the petrol they needed to keep pumping up their sagging Penii!!!!

And yes, let us be honest!!! I think it is such a bad thing that the Evil Prius Evilly Advocates it's MPG stuff, as well as, that it so far has only gotten about 53MPG in the mix of city, urban, freeway, Parks Of the Santa Cruz Mountains where Smokey The Bear Has the BIGGGER BONG!!! ( This includes the usual average excesses of the CD Player, Navigation System, A/C Unit running... not to mention the telephone... I really wish that the dark days of the EVIL LEFTIST LIBERAL GUN GRABBING NRA were over and that we could get the Factory Installs of the 40GHZ Phased Plasma Weapons, but OHHHH NO!!! Those Gun Grabbers in the NRA are against Americans actually having a viable defense system, because they HATE THE MILITARY AND THEY HATE AMERICANS and do not believe that Americans would need RPG's or Rifle Grenades, or Howitzers, let alone Phased Plasma Weapons, the Whiney Leftist Pukes!!!! )

I mean those people are REALLY EVIL!!! since they do not deal with such VITAL statistics as the Tonnes Of Emmisions that are not being created when the device is NOT using it's Petrol Engine!!! I mean what is with that piece of DECEPTION!!!! I mean there is nothing more discombobulating than getting stuck in the traditional Memorial Day Weekend Traffice, you know, when Patriotic Americans GO to the Patriotic American Memorial Day Weekend Holy Places, such as the Beach, where they re-enacted the Invasion of Sardinia, St. Helena, and the Inevitable Liberation of Adak Alaska.... And of course the USUAL and obligatory queue of traffic the likes of which looks like the Freedom Refuges as they ran away from the Great Panzer Armee, back in 1940, as they did not really believe that the Germans were merely Looking For Iranian Flying Saucers!!! So while the rest of the Defeatists Onslaught are sitting there WHINING!!!! SNIVELLING, and basically doing a lovely job of looking like Refugees, I was of course running my A/C, playing my CD's, while rolling down hill and recharging the Battery, so that we would be in Perfectly Clean and Crisp Shap to start the Great Hunt For Iranian Flying Saucer Related Activities Programs.... Unlike the Clintonesta who would not look after liberating Iraq, and failed completely to find any of the Evil Doing Evil Doers....

Ah yes, just a quiet wonderful time.

And yes, IF you are not doing YOUR part to support Hybrid Technology, and deal with the Emmission Control Issues, you are not only one more Faggot Assed Whiney PantyWaisted GirlyBoy Who Hoppes In Bed with Terrorists Chanting
"Do ME! Do ME!!! Do ME!!! You Evil Big Stud Who does not like country, culture, and asset Portfolio, and merely wants to Contaminate My Precious Bodily Fluid with Your Throbbing And Tumultuous Tubor Of Truth, You Stud Muffin YOU!"
not to mention openly engaging in Stabbing Our Valiant Fighing Forces In The Back!!!!

But other than that, just your usual weekend I guess; nothing really worth noting.

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