drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

What Would Dick Do?

Vice President Cheney could be called to testify in a federal trial where his former top aide is accused of perjury in connection with the public disclosure of a CIA officer's identity.

In court documents filed Wednesday, The special prosecutor in the case says Cheney's handwritten notes on an old newspaper article can corroborate the charge that Lewis "Scooter" Libby lied about his role in the subsequent disclosure of the undercover CIA officer's name.

[ cf VoA: Cheney May Testify in CIA Leak Case ]
Ok, yes, he might do that. He might also have the ENEMIES OF THE STATE detained for their Assault on the Executive Branch of the Government in a Time of Protecting Everyone Everywhere From Iranian Flying Saucers!!!

Which may also rule out any decision that the VP, now that the Enron Trial has come and left, will open up about the Energy Policy Positions that were formulated with Enron as a Key Play happened to have been all about. Were they really about Energy Policy, or about Fiscal Policies that had worked so well at Enron to make it look like the books were mostly balanced.

Or will the VP continue to Invoke the Divine Right of Defending America From Iranian Flying Saucers!!!! And any questions about anything is merely more proof that the Person Is an Illegal Combatant By STABBING our valiant fighting Forces in The Back!!! Because they Fail To Understand that the Holy Writ is clear
If The Blue Dress Does Not FIT!!!
Then You Must Acquitee!!!
Or those Iranian Flying Saucers will return, and this time DICK will not personnally Lead his own Super Sekret Special Double Super Sekret Special Armoured Flying Saucer Korp to protect everyone Everywere from those Evil Liberals in their Iranian Flying Saucers!!!

But of course, as we all know the Evil Liberal Media is still not admitting how Important the VP's Special Powers have been in keeping us all safe!!! And instead whine about the little details, never pointing out that there COULD have been an Iranian Flying Saucer in that Lawyer Guy, but would the Liberal Media even show any sense of Concern??? NO!!!!! That's not what the Evil Liberal Media Does!!!

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