drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Young Republican Angst!!!

As most of my Evil Doing Evil Doer Associates Know, tomorrow I am picking up my Prius, tomorrow, so today, I opted to make sure we were in the right fiscal posture, and that with the appropriate configuration of Insurance Resources.

At which point there is that amusement, in all of this, when one notices that one has made one MINOR ANNOYING DETAIL!!! While congealing the Cash for the Deal, I mentally deducted about $4k out of the 'cash assets in play' and concealed that from myself.

Which of course became clear when the Bank, Rotten Red Hollywood Elitist Left Wingers Who are clearly engaged In GOD HATING AMERICA BASHING, and most likely are hiding Iranian Flying Saucers underneath their skirts, decided to OPPOSE the Troops and The American way of Life by telling me that I had $4k in my savings account than I thought I did.

I mean, what is with those God Hating America Bashers!!!

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