drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Why Does Secretary R. James Nicholson Hate America?

The head of the Veterans Affairs Department expressed outrage today over being kept in the dark about the theft of computer data on 26.5 million veterans, as he himself came under heavy criticism from Capitol Hill.

Secretary R. James Nicholson issued a statement vowing "a very extensive review of individuals up and down the chain of command" and urging his department's inspector general's office to expedite an investigation of the affair.

An administration official who has followed the episode said Mr. Nicholson was not told about the missing data until the night of May 16, or 13 days after the discs containing the data were stolen in a burglary at the residence of a department employee who had taken them home without authorization.

"Upon notification, my first priority was to take all actions necessary to protect veterans from harm and to assist in law enforcement efforts," Mr. Nicholson said. The official who said that Mr. Nicholson had not been informed for 13 days said the secretary called the Federal Bureau of Investigation once he learned of the theft.

[ cf AmPravda: Department to Investigate Theft of Veterans' Data ]
I mean, get realistic here!!! There are far morer important thingies to deal with than the Department of Veteran's Affairs, and the status and safety of the 26+ Million Americans Who are Veterans.

I mean, Why EVER is this Guy Opposing the Greatness of Being that is the Being Of Greatness!!!!

He doesn't REALLLY mean to pick on all of the Great War Heroes Like Karl Rove!!! or Emotional Traumatize the Valiant VOCHAS who are triumphantly Struggling with the Fighting 101st Keyboards!!! I mean Why EVER does this guy Hate america so much???

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