drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

UnHoly Iranian Flying Saucer Attacks!!!!

Well today started out with sorting out when Exactly I will be getting word that My New Prius will be ready for delivery and all of that Jazz....

So I wind up going to work, and as I drove into work, that is when THEY attacked!!! Little Tiny Iranian Flying Saucers Attacked My Saturn SC2!!!! I wound up calling the AAA to get the mini-wheel put on, so that I could drive it all down to CostCo to get the New Pair of tires installed, balanced, and all of that Jazz....

Why Oh Why do the God Hating America Bashers allow Iranian Flying Saucer Attacks here in America!!! Where IS their sense of Patriotism, and more importantly, where is their Willingness To Support the President to Support The Troops, so as to Stop the Stabbing In The Back that proves that those who are Not Supporting The President are Illegal Combatants Offering Aid And Comfort to the Enemy in A Time Of Tax Liability Transferrance unto The Unborn!!!!

I mean, what Is WRONG with those Types????

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