drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Some Thoughts Are Interesting

UK wants power to demand encryption keys is the Ars Technica, which is an interesting Idea - since the British still appear to be wandering around in the Maze Of Failed EVIL LIBERAL pre-911 cultural Malaise!!!

It is just SHOCKING that they are still talking as if this were a matter of say 'legal stuff' - rather than that this is more of the same old God Hating America Bashing that comes when one Wants To PUBLICALLY ATTACK the Greatest Military Leader EVER! and simply skuttling off to Iraq to chat about abandoning America is NOT Enough!!!

One Clearly wants the world to think that one actually OPPOSES the divine right to torture the Encyrption Key out of anyone who may have engaged in ENCRYPTING anything that might actually be an Anti-State Terrorist Activity, such as remembering things, especially when they are clearly Anti-State Sorts of Things, as we see ever day in the Evil Liberal Media because they Continue to Oppose the Need to Nuke First And Ask Questions Later, since we Must STOP THE IRANIAN FLYING SAUCERS BEFORE THEY ATTACK AGAIN!!!

but then gain, I found this by indirection from the Evil Doers who MisPercieve Kindergartens Which Should Be Avoided since they HATE The Happy Tree Friends Because as Evil Doing Evil Doers they are EVIL! And Doing! And ERS!!!!

Now more than ever Americans Must do their Part, and chant the Holy Chant
If the Blue Dress Does Not Fit!!!!
Then you Must Acquitee!!!
or the Evil Doers will do Evil!!! and they will send the Iranian Flying Saucers to persecute the Innocent White Christian Virgin Girls because of the Need for blood sacrifices that is central to Iranian Flying Saucer Technology, now that they have jumped in bed with INTEL and Oppose
The TRUE GOSPEL of RISC v. CISC CPU architecture....
But that is a Religious Fight for another Rant, where we counterpoise the TRUE BELIEVERS and those In League With Satan!!!

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