drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Why Does SlashDot Hate America?

Noah Shachtman writes "The Iraq war was launched on a theory: That, with the right networking gear, American armed forces could control a country with a fraction of the troops ordinarily needed. But that equipment never made it down to the front lines, David Axe (just back from his 6th trip to Iraq) and I note in this month's Popular Science. That's a problem, because the insurgents are using throwaway cellphones and anonymous e-mail accounts to stitch together a network of their own."
[ cf SlashDot Attacks America ]
we should note - B With It's Hatred Of America By Denying That Total Victory Occurred Over Three Years Ago when the Mission Was Accomplished, and all supported the Great Leader For His Greatness!!

I mean why has SlashDot and Popular Science become Forward Bases For
don't they KNOW that we are in a time of Tax Transferrance Unto The Unborn and it is their Patriotic Duty To BE Patriotic And Dutiful about Supporting The Greatest Leader, EVER!!! Or they are stabbing our valiant fighting forces in the Back!!!

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