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$85 Billion For Katrina Victims???

The victims of Hurricane Katrina remain in the thoughts of Americans and the $85 billion in federal money that's been sent to the Gulf Coast is only the beginning of the help that's on the way, Vice President Dick Cheney said Friday.

"We will not forget the great suffering and difficulty" endured by those along the coast, Cheney told Louisiana State University graduates at the school's commencement ceremony.

[ cf FoxNews: Cheney Urges LSU Graduates to Consider Public Service Careers ]
So when did Dick decide to come out as an IslamoCommie bent upon the destruction of our white christian america by way of Excessive Governmental Social Welfare Programmes designed to undermine personal responsibility and competency!!!

Oh, there is the rerality check marker:
Vice President Cheney has a message for college graduates: don't let failure stop you.
Cheney cited his own experience at Yale, where he flunked out -- twice. He also described interviewing for a job with a young Congressman Donald Rumsfeld -- and being dismissed out of hand.

Cheney says the lesson is this: "Don't give up, or let your doubts get the best of you."

[ cf Cheney to grads: Don't be stopped by failure ]
There's Our Dick, and the Puppies in the Media who are ever so kind to skip over Haliburton, and ThatIraqiThingiePooh, and well the Energy Task Force Scandal, and that Outing The CIA Asset Scandal, and the ...

But when one can promise a Few Billion Here or there, Who Cares!!! It is merely the Tax Money from, well, gosh, The WORKING POOR in america!!!

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