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And Translated Into a Human Language This Would Be...

A senior U.S. Treasury official warned debt security traders on Friday that any traders who establish unusually large positions in Treasurys can expect close scrutiny from regulators.

"Questionable trading behavior has consequences and can result in increased regulatory scrutiny and referrals to enforcement authorities," Treasury Undersecretary for Domestic Finance Randal Quarles told the Bond Market Association meeting in New York.

"I would encourage any traders that establish especially large positions in any Treasury issues to tread very carefully," Quarles said. A copy of his prepared remarks were released in Washington.

[ cf CnnMoney: Official warns on large positions in Treasurys ]
Uh.... let me see, we want folks to keep buying our Treasuries, but we are not sure about taking big chunks?

Or is there a problem in the Treasury, now that the Housing Market is cooling, and the Equities are sliding, and the Dollar is way off, and Gold has gone through the roof, that, well, uh, maybe someone in the Department of Homeland Security May Need To Know About????

Please do NOT tell us that those Iranian Flying Saucers have been eating up the Treasuries, Again...

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