drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Which Pitch DO the NeoCons Support?

Our Friends over at MojoWire, here, plug a greenwald piece, here, that points to Billmon's take, here, on the current growing awareness that Killing Civilians In Cold Blood is, well, gosh, just like the Crime that Was Convicted In An American Court, back when civilians were killed in cold blood at My Lai.

Which of course has the usual wingNuts out there whining that Murtha is a traitor for noting that the evidence to date from the USMC supports the thesis that it was a killing in cold blood.

Gosh, but it was not that long ago that the NeoConClownCarCrew was talking about the need to abandon the whole White Guilt Thing and get their Game On, and just start Killing Folks!!!

So which IS IT? Do NeoCons want to drop the kid gloves and get it on with Killling Men, Women, Children, and Unborn Persons As Well, to win the Current WhateverOnWhomever? Or are they all whiney about killing civilians still, because, well their VictimsOfChickenHawkAngstSyndrome keeps flairing Up on them...

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