drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Who Is Keith Richman and why DOES He HATE AMERICA!

I just got his propoganda, as he is running for Treasurer of the state of California, but for reasons that are not clear put this "shout out to the International Godless Threat Of Iranian Flying Saucers" into his Email:
As State Treasurer, I will work with Republicans of all opinions, as well as Democrats and Independents to control immigration, strengthen our economy, improve our schools, and build for our future.

I know the difference between the right way to come to California and the illegal way. I know what it takes to meet the challenge of foreign competition and create new California jobs. I know California needs well-educated workers and good schools to maintain our prosperity and quality of life. I know we need wise public investments and safe returns to prepare for 10 million more Californians by 2025.

( emphasis in original )
HELLO!!! HELLO!!! HELLO!!! we are at "Time of Tax Transferrance Unto the Unborn!!!" we can not afford to be soft on the God Hating America Bashers inside of the GOP party who have Opposed the DIVINITY Of the Great Leader!!!

Can we rerally allow America to collapse simply because some people want to allow Law to be a part of the process of Winning the "Time of Tax Transferrance Unto the Unborn!!! These are no longer times for Half Measurers!!! We must Either CRUSH the ENEMIES or those Iranian Flying Saucers will Return!!!

Now More than EVER the State Teasurer's Job is to Support the GREAT LEADER!!! For The Great Leader Is Great!!!


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