drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Rummy Backs Border War!!!

Deploying National Guard forces to help secure the U.S. southern border will not harm the part-time force but will enhance its training for other missions, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said on Wednesday.

Appearing before a Senate subcommittee, Rumsfeld defended President George W. Bush's plan to use some 6,000 National Guard troops to support border patrol agents even as the force is strained by deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Rumsfeld contended that the use of 2 percent of Guard forces to help slow the stream of illegal immigrants across the U.S.-Mexican border will "not adversely affect America's ability to conduct the war on terror or respond to other domestic emergencies."

[ cf Reuters: Rumsfeld sees boost for Guard from US border work ]
Clearly after a period of time on the Border, More Guardsmen will yearn to continue the Fight Across the Border to root out the Iranian Flying Saucers that have been attacking America From Mexico!!!

yes, why with enough time on the border, supported like regular troops, more Guardsmen will be able to tell exactly how those Iranian Flying Saucers have been attacking America Ever Days since 09/11/2001, and how it is all the fault of the Klintonesta!!! And how the Klintonesta Failed to Counter Attack the Iranian Flying Saucers!!! And How we Must STOP the Klintonesta In Our Midst Or America Will never be able to WIN AGAINST the Iranian Flying Saucers!!! Why americans remember how the Evil Bill Klinton prevented The Great General from marching into Baghdad when we had the troops there Liberating Kuwait from those Vile Iranian Flying Saucers!!!! Why Those Bill Klinton and those Vile Klintonesta need to be prosecuted for their war against America!!!

So Now More Than EVER send the Guard to Guard the Border!!! And Bomb Canada Today!!!

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