drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Why Does The Voice Of America HATE America?

I mean what sort of Pro-Al-Qaeda, Stab Our Valiant Fighting Forces In The Back, Evil Doing Evil Doers would say
President Bush is focused on winning over members of his own Republican Party in a bid to reform the U.S. immigration system.

There are two parts to the immigration debate. First, how to control the borders and stem the flow of illegal aliens into the United States. And second, how should the country deal with the 11 to 12 million illegal immigrants already inside the country.

In his speech this week, President Bush sought to find a middle ground.

"America can be a lawful society and a welcoming society at the same time," said Mr. Bush.

[ cf VoA: Bush Seeks to Unify Republicans on Immigration ]
Ok, so yes, we all know that only Republicans ARE Americans. Well, Ok, only Real Republican, Not those GOD HATING AMERICA BASHING RINO VOCHAS Evil Doers who are unwilling to Appropriately Support The President are Americans. But that is beside the Point!

The President was making his speach as the War President, and not merely as the Head Of The Party, Who is Most Exhaulted And Reveared, having been hand picked by the Blessed Divine Decisions of The Divine Deciders!!!! So as the War President, he is speaking on behalf of All True Americans and not merely The Republican Party! But all of the Voters who's votes are really worth counting!!!!

If EVIL LEFT WING ANTI-WAR DEMEAGOGORY FROM RADICAL LEFT WING CLIQUES like Voice Of America want to be dividers and tearer downers rather than uninters and buildere uppers - then they should be HONEST about their so called Journalism and indicate that they are following the orders of their EVIL IslamoZionistPappistBohsivkiBankingKonspirakiiUndtKosherDehliMitBagalryUndtBookZellerOnDerSide as a part of their Ongoing Jihaud to destroy our white Christian America!!! They should then turn themselves over to the state security apparatus for being illegal combatants as they have so obviously Stabbed Our Valiant Fighting Forces In The Back by OPPOSING The Greatest Military Leader EVER!!!!

Besides What Sort Of God Hating America Bashing Kult Ritualists would ever pretend that the President, The War President, would assert that the law was in any way a part of America!!! ESPECIALLY while we are beset upon On ALL SIDES by Iranian Flying Saucers that are at this very moment proping the soft under belly looking for a new way to continue their Attacks from 09/11/2001 when they went Raping And Pillaging And Plundering Across the Great Lands!!! How Quickly Americans FORGET how Dangerous It WAS before the Great Leader Transformed Into The War President and all of his additional secret Powers made him Invincible and able to Knock Down Those Iranian Flying Saucers With His Bare Hand!!! Now can God Hating America Bashers Do That??? Are They even INTERESTED in acquiring The Secret Special Powers that woulld allow them to knock down Iranian Flying Saucers with their Bare HANDS? Clearly NOT!!! Especially if they want to BIND The President with the Mere Laws Of Mortal Man and Prevent Him From Using His Super Special Divine Powers!!!!

All Hail The Great Leader!!! THE TRUE BELIEVER!!!!! And the Congregation Chanted
If The Blue Dress Does Not Fitee!!!
Then You Must Acquitee!!!
For Lo The Great And Most Glorious Divine Decider Has Decided! And Selected His Elect To Have the very Special Secret Power that allows him to Knock Down Those Iranian Flying Saucers With His Bare Hand!!!

All Hail The Grerat Leader!!!!

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