drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Holy Finger Pointing Blame Gamers

Has anyone else noticed how quick to judge those evil leftist liberal anti-war types from those Blue States Are?

I'm sure that by now most americans are just SHOCKED to hear that the Louisiana Attorney General has pressed for the indictment, on negligent homicide, of those nice people who were running a nursing home where some 30 or 40 old people were found to have been called up in the Mini Katrinia Specific Rapture and Returned to Jesus.

How can this be? Why is the Attorney General of a Blue State Persecuting Christians by so openly indulging in the Finger Pointing and Blame Gaming!

Clearly the Louisiana Attorney General has more important things to do, like arresting all of those Looters and Criminals, and Evil Doers, and the Anti-War Types! This is not the time to be Finger Pointing and Blame Gaming!

Clearly the owners of the Nursing Home should be allowed to form their own internal commission to investigate what went right, and what went wrong. They clearly need to the time to focus on the things that need to be focus'd on right now!!!! without all of these Evil Liberal Finger Pointers and Blame Gamers! Besides, if the Nursing Home Owners find out that they might have been in some way responsible, then they will in good time be just as man about it as the President and accept their responsibility for what ever may have gone wrong, where they are aware of those things or not!

There is clearly no reason to rush to this nasty partisan finger pointing and blame gaming that can lead only to frivolous litigation, such as criminal indictments, and if the past is any harbinger, then the usual 'wrongful death' suits brought on by those Anti-War Types who merely want to be litigious about the fact that sometimes Jesus Calls People Home in special ways!!!

Clearly the State of Louisiana should be focusing on rooting out those Evil Anti-War Types who have been spreading defeatist propaganda! So directly offering aid and comfort to the Enemy in their treasonous and seditious way! The State should not be embarking on mere finger pointing and blame gaming against owners of Nursing Homes where people have been Called Home To Heaven!!!

Besides, Our Heroic Fighting Forces understand that only American Blood can protect the Holy Islamic Republic of Iraq! And would not want to have their deaths be for not merely because anti-war types want to embark on persecuting christians with their finger pointing blame gaming!!!

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