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Nationalizing the Nationalists

Hey Kids, the freaks over at mojo wire were running van.mojo: Live Blogging the President at 5 p.m. (pdt) and they seem convinced that they have detected a lack of support from the Typical WingNuts out there.

I chatted with one of the Evil Doing Evil Doers last night and he of course was obsessing about the "ending catch and release" as the hot buzz phrase in the Screetchings Of Maximal Leader! We of course looked at some of the basic options. He of course still is obsessing about how ever will the NeoCons be able to convert the minuteman cult into SA ( Sturmabteilung ) as a part of the need to forward position The Cult Of Personality. Call Me Old Fashion, but I was going with the More Traditional Gaulist Policy Model of the OSA ( Organisation de l'armée secrète ) as the traditional solution when facing the growing Threat Of Liberalism, and the need to end the Republic so that we can move on!!!

My recommendation remains that we Nationalize the Nationalists!!! This will clearly simplify the process of doing what must be done!

In this process the "Minute Man Cult" will no longer be outside of the direct control of the National Military Control, and will be able to openly recieve the Protection from Prosecution, since they will be able to appeal to the new legal standard in america where anyone who believes that there was, or should have been, a lawful order, whether or not it actually existed, will be exempt from Persecution by overzealous irrational persons who fail to understand that Congress Has AUTHORIZED the anything goes state of affairs and reaffirmed this with their policies with regards to torture and other war crimes, which the president has also clarified with his selective singing into law those acts of congress which would otherwise be considered a limitation on the Power Of The Presidency!!!!

This also has the Positive Up Side that the Military and the State Security Apparatus will no longer have to worry about the contract law issues with regards to the Nationalizing of Boots to be Thrust Down Upon The Knecks of Evil Doing Evil Doers!!! As the New Policy of No More Catch And Release, will include the War Against Immigration, legal or otherwise, but will also involve the process of Gaining More Kinky Boots To
which will also simplify which are the Victims Of Chicken Hawk Angst Syndrome and whom are merely the VOCHAS wannabe's!!!

Those Members of the Various Nationalist Groups that have the High Moral Standards needed to manage both the Detention Facilities, as well as the Training Facilities, will be allowed to enter into the OSA and learn the special mechanisms for Not Having To Worry About The Infomation Container when engaged in Information Extractions. Since if there was a lapse in the quality of the Information Container, they will be Dispatched to Energy Recycling where their Bio-Mass will become
Fuel For Victory!!!
So why Worry! Be Happy!!!

When the Boot Breaks Down Your Door!!! It may not be a grim moment! You could be a Lucky Winner In The Brave New All American War At Home!!! No Longer will you have to worry about whether or Not you Suffer from a Chronic Form of VOCHAS!!! Since you have been elected!!!! You Have Been Selected!!!! and never again will you have to worry about being neglected!!!

Which is also true if you are an Enemy Of The State who's Opposition to Great Leader is the Stab In The Back of Our Valiant Fighting Forces that prooves, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that One has ALWAYS been an illegal armed combatant!!!

All Hail Great Leader!!!! All Hail The Great Glories Of Nationalizing the Nationalists!!!

And LO the congregation Chanted
If the Bluee Dressee Doeth Not Fittethee!!!
Then Thee Musteth Acquiteethee!!!!!
Or the EVIL Iranian Flying Sauceres Will Return!!!

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