drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Some Days Are Just Sad.

Once again tongodeon gets points for his Why warrantless surveillance is bad but again, he fails His CORE MISSION of establishing that it is 'bad'.

At best he attempts to Smear a Republican Congress with his Failure to Support The Greatest Military Leader EVER!!! a very comical position to take up, given his own self confession that he had openly Supported the Campaign to Install the Great Leader, for what clearly must have been drug addled narcoleptic fits of sheer madness, since clearly tongodeon, who has the minimal technical capability to add and subtract, must not have based his delusion moment on the Alledged Economic Policies put forward back in 2000.

So now that he has decided to whine, one has to wonder what has happened to that part where there is some sense of Loyalty To The Great Leader!!! The very great leader who has protected this nation from the Iranian Flying Saucers!!! The Great Leader who must be protected, at all costs, from any form of dissidence, or unKindness!!! Or he might accidentally insert the American Troops into another formerly more sovereign nation, you know, to protect us from the Threat Of Iranian Flying Saucers!!!

So is the question rerally about why a specific form of surveillance is gooder or badder? When the Nation is So Clearly in a time of "tax transferance unto the Unborn" that the Evil Liberal Media keeps randomly selecting the 'at war' token as the short name???? When of course, any opposition to the Great Leader is not only TREASON!!! Not merely the open Aiding and Abetting The Crimes Of The Iranian Flying Saucers!!! But it is so clearly an act of Stabbing Our Valiant Fighting Forces In The back, and as such makes one an Illegal Combatant for which there is no other course of action that can be done but to ship the evil doing evil doer OF to GitMo until they recant of their Evil Doing Ways!!!!!

Or have Radical Leftist Extremists like tongodeon forgotten the Core Moral Obligations here in a "tax transferance unto the Unborn" when there are no laws but that which the Great Decider Decideth Are The Laws Unto Himself, and Unto Himself Alone!!!!

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