drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

First Astro Turfing of the Net Neutrality Issues?

Well we have http://www.dontregulate.org/ that was offered up as an ad on http://www.talkingpointsmemo.com/ which helps explain that the Evil Doers want to hand over the net to the mega corps who want to rip off the working people, hence why the evil doers are calling it 'net neutrality' and are getting the government to destroy the internet....

They of course point us to http://www.handsoff.org/ where we find that the co-chairs are Mike McMurry and Christopher Wolf.... but the really funny section is the Members section where we find all sorts of interesting players, and freak sections....

so how exactly are these goons the folks that they play act that they are???

I mean when the quick click on the American Conservatives Union gets me to the Action Alert about,
The American Conservative Union has joined with five leading conservative organizations (National Taxpayers Union, Citizens against Government Waste, Club for Growth, the Heritage Foundation and Americans for Tax Reform) to demand that the Republican-controlled House and Senate exercise fiscal responsibility by removing all pork and unrelated spending in the Global War on Terror and Hurricane Relief Supplemental for FY 2006.

“The GOP-led Congress is shamelessly using the cover of the War on Terror to blackmail the president into signing off on tens of billions of dollars above his supplemental request to fund completely unrelated pork projects,” said David A. Keene, Chairman of the American Conservative Union. “Similarly exploited are the victims of Hurricane Katrina, which Congress uses to rationalize further profligacy unrelated to the Gulf reconstruction (one highway project is in Kauai, Hawaii).”

[ cf Senators Go on Spending Spree while Putting Troops at Risk ]
One REALLY has to ask the question
Who ARE these God Hating America Bashers!!!
And Why Do They Oppose The Greatest Military Leader EVER!!!
do they really think that the president is in any way constrained by the actions of the American Congress????

So IF they Hate The Commander In Chief on this point? How are we to believe that their Position On Net Neutrality is anything more than the sort of God Hating America Bashing that we have come to expect from those who Oppose The Greatest Military Leader EVER!!!! and want the Iranian Flying Saucers to Return!!!

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