drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

That RefCo Crisis

By now, I am sure that most americans who have access to the generalized Main Stream Media will be aware that there exists this RefCo company, and that some Radical Extremist Rogue Operation inside the Government has decided to destroy this corporation, starting with arresting the CEO, on what must clearly be some sort of trumped up set of charges by a clearly political agenda seeking prosecutor.

But what the MSM is failling to clarify is which side The RogueOps are working for.

Is this just one more of the run of the mill PERSECTION OF CHRISTIANS! The Irrational opposition to Faith Based Economics by the typical radical left wing anti-war so called 'reality based' community, that remains irrationally entrenched in the same sort of Failed Liberal Mathematics from before 9/11, rather than accepting that it is time for ALL AMERICANS to return to Faith Based Mathematics as a part of what the Argumeent of Intelligent Design Demands!

Could this be a successful Counter Strike against the soft targets of those who FAILED to Support the Moral Purity of Tom DeLay's Morally Pure Efforts to Restore Moral Purity to not only Texas, but the Rest of the Nation. Clearly someone seems to have squelled to those politically motivated persectution of Tom DeLay and who better to do that than someone who OPPOSES the Divine Will! And didn't want to put the Dubya Back Into DubyaMas the way that he Argument From Intelligent Design Demanded!

Could this be a successful Counter Strike against the soft targets of those who have been PERSECUTING Karl Rove over this minor detail of outing a CIA while the nation is kinda more or less @War, but not so at War that simply having summary executions of persons breaching the Espionage Act would be mandated.

Or is there some Other DARK and SINISTER PLOT lurking behind the Headlines?

Could this be a desperate effort to offer plausibile deniability about the FIRST STRIKE CAPABILITY by an Al-Qaeda Satanic Gay HomoSexual Zombie Cyborg piloting one of those Iraqi Flying Saucer that has actually embarked upon Imposing Excessive Governmental Regulation on the Market??? So that it will seem like this is really a part of some merely LEGAL ACTION on the part of consumers, rather than the Hiddeous And Heinous ASSAULT on our White Christian America that it could so clearly be!!!!

When WILL the Main Stream Media work out the details????

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