drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Army thinks Prez likes them more!

The National Guard could become the border guard in a plan that will be floated by President Bush in a speech tonight from the White House.

Bush is expected to lay out the initiative, aimed at bolstering the efforts of the U.S. Border Patrol by sending thousands of National Guardsmen to help border patrolmen, who are reportedly overwhelmed along the 2,000-mile-plus border with Mexico.

The Bush administration has made a point of saying that this is not a “militarization” of the Guard, and that it would only be playing a supporting — and temporary — role.

There are already about 300 guardsmen helping border patrol now and if Bush’s plan is to proceed, the Pentagon would simply direct more guardsmen to fill those roles, according to a senior Pentagon official. It is not clear how many would be called up.

[ cf Army Times: Guard could play key role in patrolling border ]
Wow!!!! Something Like A Militarization of the Mexican Border, without actually doing it as a Military Like Operations.

This of course leaves open the CANADIAN THREAT!!!

it also embarks on the continuing failed policy of putting Boots On The Ground rather than supporting the need for Unrestricted Submarine Warfare, and hence the need to dig a moat around the rest of the Nation and fill it with submarines so that anyone caught trying to swim across the moat will be destroyed with those New and Improved Super Sekret Zel Miller Laser Death Ray Eyes!!!

So until the President is willing to Play Dress Ups and fly in with an S-3 Crew, only to ditch them for the Tom Cruise WannaBe's, we can only hope that the Army doesn't take the President's Little Joke Too Seriously!!! It's not like he's really gonna dance with who brunged him....

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