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And Today In Brave New World Land

The restoration of U.S.-Libyan diplomatic relations serves the "mutual interests" of both the United States and Libya, the country's foreign minister told The Associated Press on Monday.

The U.S. State Department announced the restoration of ties Monday morning, saying it also was removing Tripoli from its list of nations that sponsor terrorism.

"It was a result of contacts and negotiations. It is not unilateral. It is a result of mutual interests, agreements and understandings," said Foreign Minister Abdurrahman Shalgham.

Asked if the U.S. decision was an incentive for Libya to further cooperate with the United States, Shalgham said: "In politics there is no such thing as a reward but there are interests."

[ cf FoxNews: Libyan Foreign Minister Says U.S. Move Serves 'Mutual Interests' ]
Challu, Challee, What A FrabTabulous Day!!!!

We can only hope that the New Libyan Flying Saucers will help in the Ongoing War against Iranian Flying Saucers, that have been attacking america, secretly, from secret bases in Venezuela, as well as Mexico!!!

There is, as folks should know, a 45 day comment period!!! So clearly, Now More Than Ever!!! Americans MUST support the greatest Military Leader EVER!!! Since Only By The Holy Mandates Of the Great Leader Have Iranian Flying Saucers Been Kept From American Skies, except of course for the secret attacks from the secret venexuelan bases used to support Mexican Backed Iranian Flying Saucers and their Ungoodly Assault On Our WHite Christian America that can only be saved By True Christians Like Col. Gadhafi - and the Col. Gadhafi Armoured Flying Saucer Korp!!!!

So Chant With Me True Believers
If the bluee dresseee does not fiteee!!!
Thenee youee mustee acquitee!!!!
Or those Iranian Flying Saucers will swoop out of the Sky and destroy all before them as they did on 09/11/2001 when they Pillaged And Plundered and the evil liberal media covered it all up!!!! AND most importantly how the Col. Gadhafi Armoured Flying Saucer Korp came to the assistance of the Karl Rove Armoured Flying Saucer Korp to turn back all of those EVIL IslamoZionistPappistBolshivikiBankingKonspirakiiUndtKosherDehliMitBookSellerUndtBagalryOnTheSide!!!

All Hail The GREAT LEADER!!! Even if the Evil Liberal Media Keeps Covering it all up!!!!

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