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More Brilliant Military Victories!!!

First let us look at the feeble failed counter offensives:
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez brushed aside America's suspension of arms sales to his country Monday, saying "this doesn't matter to us at all."

The Venezuelan leader, on a visit to London, also said his government would not respond with punitive measures such as travel restrictions.

"It's the empire and it has a great capacity to do harm to the countries of the world," he said, referring to the U.S. as "an irrational empire."

The United States imposed the ban because of what it claims is a lack of support by Chavez's leftist government for counterterrorism efforts, the State Department said.

For nearly a year, there has been a nearly total lack of cooperation with anti-terrorism, State Department spokeswoman Darla Jordan said.

As a result, U.S. sales and licensing for the export of defense articles and services to Venezuela, including the transfer of defense items, will not be permitted, she said.

[ cf WaPo: Chavez Brushes Aside U.S. Arms Sales Ban ]
Clearly the fact that the EVIL IRANIAN FLYING SAUCER BACKED DICTATOR is Threatening to also expand his Jihaudista Assault On Our White Christian America!!!
The President of Venezuela today offered to supply the poor in Britain with cheap heating oil in the winter, in an apparent attempt to embarrass Tony Blair's Government.

Hugo Chavez spoke during a joint press conference with Ken Livingstone, the Mayor of London, during a two-day visit to London in which he has scheduled meetings with left-wing activists but no official inter-governmental talks.

[ cf Times: Chavez offers cheap heating oil to Britain's poor ]
What sort of Sick Moral Preversion Is THAT!!!

What Type of Disgusting Degenerate would strike at another Nation by offering to help their Poor!!!!! Doesn't the EVIL IRANIAN FLYING SAUCER BACKED DICTATOR understand that we are in a time of Transferrrance of the Tax Liabilities Unto The Unborn and that it is GOD's HOLY WILL that the Poor should pay more than their fair share to stop the Growing Threat of Iranian Flying Saucers attacking the Decent And Proper Sorts of people who can afford to buy their own governments, but allow the Poor to do that for them, so that they can focus on beinng More Patriotically Corrector Than Thou!!!!

Meanwhile The Glorious Patiotic People' News Reports:
Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez said Monday that he does not believe that Iran's nuclear program is a front for secret efforts to produce an atomic bomb.

"I don't believe that the United States or anyone else has the right ... to prohibit that a country has nuclear energy," Chavez said at a news conference with London's mayor. "How many countries in the world have nuclear energy? Unfortunately, Venezuela doesn't have it."

Chavez added, "I'm certain the Iranians are not developing a nuclear weapon."

Chavez, who is on a two-day visit to London aimed at energizing Europe's social movements, also repeated a warning that any military strike against Iran would send the price of crude oil soaring above US$100 a barrel. The current rate is around US$70 a barrel.

The Venezuelan leader, who has frosty relations with Washington, said Monday that such an attack on Iran would not prompt Venezuela to reduce its oil deliveries to the United States.

[ cf FoxNews: Hugo Chavez Says Iran Not Seeking Nuclear Weapons ]
Can there be any DOUBT thatt the EVIL IRANIAN FLYING SAUCER BACKED DICTATOR has openly advocated the DESTRUCTION of our White Christian America and has openly offered Aid And Comfort to the ENEMY in a time of Transferring the Tax Liability Unto the Unborn!!!!

Now More than EVER all true Americans must chant
IF the Blue Dress Does Not FIT!!!!
You MUST acquitee!!!!
or the EVIL IRANIAN FLYING SAUCER BACKED DICTATOR will use the weapons he did not get from america to support the Iranian Flying Saucers as they DESTROY our White Christian America!!!

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