drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Airport Extreme as Ontological Proof of the Divinity of Dubya

I think everyone accepts the fact that WiFi Technology is difficult, complex, and really hard to understand. Therefore we can move from the existence of the Airport Extreme to the clear and compelling argument of Intelligent Design that the device could not have been brought about by any rational or reasonable process, hence it must have been created by the divine will of the one true and only christian god.

Thus if follows that the Divinity of Dubya has been established, since clearly there can be no other choice but that the divine will has brought the one true and only Elect of God to be the True Vicar of Christ to the World. Any opposition to the Divinity of Dubya obviously establishes that those evil Bush Bashers not only Oppose God's One True And Only Holy Will, but most likely do not like Cute Cuddly Wuddly Penguins when they go Goose Stepping For Jesus!

We also conclude from the Divinity of Dubya that the Federal Government should sieze all of the assets of the Apple Corporation as a Divine Retribution for their Apostasy, in that Apple has opposed the Divine Will by asserting that members of Apple's Technical Staff were involved in the creation of the Airport Extreme, rather than supporting the one true and Only Divine Will of God, that the Argument of Intelligent Design so clearly shows, and as such are in direct opposition to the One True and Only Vicar of Christ to the World, The Divine Dubya.

Clearly any other path leads to more Persecution of Christians in America by the secularists who do not support the clear and compelling argument that Only American Blood can defend the Holy Islamic Republic of Iraq from the growing threat of secularists who do not believe in the Divinity of Dubya!!!

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