drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,


Clearly the recent decrease in Patriotism as established by the Recent Consumer Sentiment numbers and the decrease in the DOW has made manifest the Need to Burn The Witch who has put a spell on the Good People Of Happy Land who live in the Happy Land where the Greatest Military Leader EVER!!! and his Positive Doctrine Of Pre-Emptive Retaliatory Nuclear First Strike has always protected the Good People Of Happy Land from the Evil Scary Monsters!!!

So besides Nuking Morer Places!!! We must start hauling out the Witches to Be Burned At The Stake!!!!!

Which as all engineers know willl boil the water, that creates the Steam, that turns the Turbines, that make the Electrical Energy that keeps all Americans Safe and Happy!!!!! So it's not like BURNING THE WITCH AT THE STAKE is some sort of anachronistic throw back to the failed liberal pre-911 horrors of mere witch hunting, but is a progressive integral part of a forward looking Eco-Terrorist Policy that support the Divine Will to restore the Iranian Wetlands!!!!

So Now more than Ever!!! Do YOUR PART!!!!! Burn A Witch At The Stake!!!!

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