drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

why do folks forget the clinton years?

Essentially I agree with When The Magic Starts in that there is much that will need to be undone from the failure of the deregulation game that was based upon FeeMarketeeringFundamentalism.

I can only hope that some day americans will actually look at the game in play.

Then maybe ask themselves why was the Glass-Steagall Act already dead when Bush came to power? Why in fact were so many of the Financial Modernization Acts already in place when Dubya up and decided that he needed a BillionsForBillionaries programme to help Billionaires recover from the fiasco of the dot.bomb.era when Venture Capitalists privatized the profits and socialized the risk by pushing unprepared companies into the Stock Market with pre-mature-IPO's!

It is not like one needs some massive gnostic konspirakii theory! One merely has to take the time to read the relevant documentation. Oh heavens, one merely needs to do their own homework.

IF one can step away from the simplistic partisan politics, THEN one will start looking at the root cause problem of "triangulation"! With the collapse of the cold war the simplistic dialectic between those of us who were the forces of Freedome, and those who were merely minions of EVIL, also collapsed. No longer was there a compromise ground that we americans were all in it together as a holy crusade against the GodlessBatWingDemonsOfTheyThemThoseTypes. ( and yes, one really should enjoy the funny of both Fukuyama's The End of History and America at the Crossroads: Democracy, Power, and the Neoconservative Legacy, since rarely does one get a chance to see such a mea-kulpa that no really cares about. )

Hey kids, what if the really ugly part of the current state of malaise is that we are stuck with more of the same failed Triangulation, but without the Demonic Hordes at the gates? We get to watch the same failure of the clinton years played out under the Obaminator. But we have moved from 'do not ask, do not tell' to almost like as if Gays can openly serve as defense contractors making the big business in the OffShoreLiberationCircuit. Ok, so the Obaminator has not actually said that Gays can openly serve as profit centers in the DOD's new marketing of war. But gosh, gays can now marry in some states, sorta, kinda.

If there is any grand tragedy that americans should be looking at, it is the total failure of their educational system and their commitment to any of their alleged political positions. Back in the dark days of the cold war, when the nation lived at less then 15 minutes to apocalypse there were serious efforts to understand the real economics! Who was really getting paid what and why! There were serious discussions about the limitations of the mercantilist systems and the problems of colonialism and post-colonialism.

But when the cold war ended, we were suppose to all majikally land in the happy place of the new e-biz world where all of the limitations of the old world no longer existed! We were also suppose to get a 'peace dividend'; but it may still arrive.

Unfortunately we should have learned the hard way that the dot.bomb was a bad thing. We should have learned from the collapse of the financial sector that the excess deregulation had been a fail! Unfortunately we live in the age of ElvisUnicornPoney's where the history is eaten by the langoliers before anyone can make any of those correlations.

As long as we can live in a fact free society where triangulation allows us to find some undisturbed middle between truthful and Underfactual, we really do not have to worry about the numbers.

Maybe the first step is for americans to opt in to a fact based way of life!

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