drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

why yes, I would like that apology, any time now, please.

Hey kids would this be a bad time to talk about that decade of deficit funding the rich, with a pass up from the mere pleabian tax payers? You know those majikal 'recover from the tech bubble' "stimulouse" thingies, which had never really ever been about creating the requisite level of 'aggregate demand'?

Would this be an ever worser time to talk about the great failure of the 'fee market' to appropriately allocate assets in an ever increasing efficiency of the market? I mean, we could be polite, and limit the discussion to merely the time from when the Clinton Administration opted to revoke the Glass–Steagall_Act because the majikal powers were going to be majikal.

No please. Kick it old skool and tell me how all of that is still working....

No really. please.

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