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Year End Tragedy Time

The rational piece is in the pipeline to the editor, but maybe we should close out 2010 with a bit of the old school, pondering how are we gonna get out of all of this alive. Pink's Face Book Page which i picked up on because my friend CB decided that he liked it. For more details there is the wiki entryPink (singer) that will offer an insight into the media presentation of the personna.

P!nk - Raise Your Glass is youTube offering up the pinkVevo video presentation of the music video. Where Pink poses in the so called Rosie The Riveter posture of theWoman who inspired iconic US WWII poster dies kicking it hard about being wrong in all the right ways.

Well the Why So Serious? question she raises is clearly worth the answer.

What if the whole 'party hearty' mythos is the ENEMY! Don't get me wrong, I am not making a call for some sort of pious puritanism! But I am going to challenge the marketing of the The Theory of the Leisure Class by the marginally literate to those who have not been challenged to learn well enough to see deep enough.

Holy Crap! To test So What I get a blip of Bob Dylan's Subterranean Homesick Blues pimping me some Sony Product.

Wow, how far we have really come, since clearly
You don’t need a weatherman
To know which way the wind blows

( subterranean-homesick-blues lyrics )
Now don't get me wrong here, it is not like I have anything against actual working musicians. But one has to wonder how Woody Gutherie would see it all.

There is an old tale about how someone asked Woody how to become a professional musician, and he answered along the lines that one puts their hat out, and start playing. If you get paid, then you are professional musician.

But those were attitudes from the Great Depression, when there was no place else put up.

Yes, I recall the crisis when Dylan went electric with like a rolling stone! It was clearly the sign of the apocalypse. But maybe we should have all been looking around. Maybe someone was creating a failure myth! Maybe we did not want to make a deal....

There was a luxury back in those days that most do not understand, and most fear to even pause and ponder. But some are still talking about Land of the Free And Unequal and how the decision to embark upon the class warfare, as foxNews likes to report it, where the poor need to pay more to the rich, so that there is less distributed around to those who will use it to buy the goods and services that will make for a sustainable economy. Ah yes, but should we be getting our pretty little heads all mussed up with those big ugly techical graphs and data, and math and stuff.

When we can be raising a glass, and pretending. Yeah - learning a skill, and getting all army strong! One has to respect the Ultimate Irony of Pink Pimping It all Gangster Style for the skills about how to make a quick barrel change on the squad assault weapon! How to do the trig to do time on target, first round each time! So that fine folks like Karl Rove and Friends don't have to get their kinky pinky behinds into the weeds where it can be complicated, difficult, and you would have to remember which side is down when taping in the three sides of a sucking chest wound's best friend.

Yeah, raise your glass! Dirty Little Freaks! Because the idea of becoming the threat to those who are pretending that there is a clear and compelling reason why God has elected them to be the ruling elite, is, well, just stuff that is clearly beyond your pay grade!

Remember, as long as you have your rock moves, what does any of it really mean. Why should you care! It's not like you have to make a real living in the real world, because, well, yeah, of course, you are a rock star!

And all of the kids in the front row are the qool kids, and their daddies can pay their bills for them! Yeah, let's all be the rock stars, with the rock moves... Please don't leave me says things about america's dysfunctionality that we clearly should be screaming from the roof top! What if it were time to get sober and maybe serious.

What if we were looking at our kids getting on the firing line, being that 'army strong' so that the nice folks back home can be all patriotic about how someone else's kid has been sucked into the void! sucked into the nightmare that at best they got a chance to view at the movie theatre, where the safe and scary are all that they need to know that they need to be at least as patriotic as Dubya, playing dress up and drag, and landing on the Carrier for the press release foto's cause he can. Rather than the schmucks who walked up the brow the old fashion way, and will queue for the liberty launches when their liberty call comes.


Raise a Glass!

Remind me about how it is so much that we want to be the right type of wrong! Because there were no other options open to the players trying to make the best deal they could when everyone around them had sold the whole game out for a chance to be the next rock and roll video!

Yeah Pink, raise the glass!

Better to drink ourselves into the abyss than to sober up.

Maybe Next Year! Maybe we will not be the year of living dangerously! Maybe it will not be the unbearable lightness of being! And if we are lucky, we will not need to defect to the west.

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