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But what if Ayn Rand was an NKVD operation?

I must confess that I love a good konspirakii theory! Because, they are just fun things to have around, they provide easy to digest and easy to use explanations. So yes, the idea of an NKVD running a deep mole like Ayn Rand is the sort of thing that offers one either a great spy-like-related-activities-programme, and hence a great place to hang a screen play, or an interesting place to raise all of the impolite questions about our time. Which is also a great basis for a 'science fiction' story. For our purpose I will use the broader definition of 'science' -- in that we wish to use a system that allows us to put forward testable hypothesis and consider the correct means to validate them.

So let us begin by agreeing that while yes, NKVD does stand for "The people's commissariat of internal affairs", just as in america, this also includes espionage, and political murders, and the supporting psy-ops, both internally and in the big room. So yes, we are stepping into the majikal mystical tour of Very Large Rabbits, Hooka Smoking member of the order Lepidoptera where 'internal' will mean what ever the Red Queen means it to mean.

Which rather is in keeping with the world that the Randianists live in. A world where laissez-faire capitalism can be used to mean the mythological world of anything goes. Or it could mean the world where the logical conclusion of V.I.Lenin Imperialism, the highest stage of capitalism where the monopoly practices lead to an ever shrinking oligarchy of control. A bit problematic one might think, if one really were thinking, and not merely being an egoist. Since as we keep peeling back the onion of the randianist myth system we watch as she shifts her emphasis, till she hopes that the correct meaning of 'reasoning' will show up in the little box, and everyone will nod their head correctly. Since clearly it really wasn't really about egotism, or boring purplish prose, but was all about some sort of reasoning.

I am sure that folks are going to share with me how rand was so anti-communist.

And that would of course mean something to me, if it were not for the vast number of NKVD/KGB operatives were always the first one to espouse which ever form of nationalist dogma was the hip trip of the day. Some are just good old good old boys and have no time for them niggers, and jews, and their papist socialist fellow travelers. In fact the very minority of persons who have been snatched as actual died in the wool liberals is a lot smaller than the collection who were, shall we be crude, and say bald faced FeeMarketeers in it solely for the profit and the profit alone.

But I must confess, that clearly what better source to denounce American Reds in Red Hollywood, than Ayn Rand herself. Who bailed out of Mother Russia, allegedly, in 1926, since clearly she would know about how things were under the great and glorious war time leader Joseph Stalin, and thus Song of Russia - release in Feb 1944, was clearly more proof of red hollywood.

Forgive me the side bar here, but has anyone else noted the grand Irony that Mr Smith goes to Washington is being trumpetted as some form of non-communist propoganda -- never mind the fact that at the time it was clearly unmasked as being not only UnAmerican but Actually Communist! makes one wonder does it. Could it be that Komrade Party Leader Rand was there to help retain the red influence in red hollywood that would take the Red Union Leader Komrade Party Leader Ronald Reagan and turn him allegedly into a Republican. Then having him advancing the thread of randianism that only by ending government would all the fluffy happy bears and cuddly wuddly unicorns show up to make the rainbows all of the important colors of american currency!

Now do not get me wrong here. I am not saying that Komrade Party Leader Rand was a communist. I have little problem with the idea of oligarchialists in the NKVD. Clearly one would have to stand with Karl Marx and ascribe to Stalinism "If that is marxism, then I am not a Marxist." -- and yes, for our slow reader, Karl Marx was long dead before Stalin came to power, but one rather expects that Karl Marx would have wound up with Nikolai Bukharin and purged as one more of the ideological deviationalists who failed to support the Egotism of Great Leader as Reasoning demanded!

Clearly if survival means accepting that Great Leader is Great, then anyone who does not accept Great Leader, is, well, suicidal! Thus proving that they are not being reasonable.

Now do not get me wrong here folks. I like reasoning. I like the Scientific Method. I just get a bit concerned when I see sub-text and agenda being pushed in uniq and interesting ways. Having lived through the first collapse of the Cult of Personality that surrounded Ronald Reagan, and then second cult of personality that surrounded Dubya, I am not as convinced as some 'republican operatives' that they are really working from the same Truth Table System that is normally used to validate Truthieneff.

Yes, many americans are aware that Greenspan was considered a mere 'social climber' by the great Ayn Rand, but we do have to respect his work as an asset. He helped with hiding the funding games about Social Security rather than actually address those issues in the 80's. Since, well, we all know that when America is liberated, as General Pinochete did for Chile, then the new privatized social security system will work... oh dear, that is right. That Fail of Kleptocracy became a bugga boo that would haunt Dubya back when it was acceptable to talk the language of 'privatizing social security', before that became UnThot. ( would this be a bad time to talk about Orwell and the Financial Crisis or were we suppose to be telling scary tales like Decade of the living dead so that we can hopefully not have to worry about Culturally Induced Ignorance )

Now do not get me wrong here - in america we have enough in our bag of tricks that helps with the core Amusing ourselves to death ( written in 1985 ) Hum... what would be a stimulus prior to 1985.... like 1984... Which gives us a wank at The Cult of The Amateur being pimped by some writer from the Weekly Standard who postulates the winner
... criticizing Web 2.0 for being similar to Marxism, for destroying professionalism and for making it impossible to find high quality material amidst all the user-generated web content.
which gets him the crank from BabaO'really"
Tim O'Reilly commented in response to the book, "I find, Andrew Keen's, his whole pitch, I think he was just pure and simple looking for an angle, to create some controversy and sell a book, I don't think there's any substance whatever to his rants."[10] Furthermore, he has said in response to the book "I think the internet is often held to another standard. You dont say "Why arent the newspapers writing about Bismarck, he is more important than Pamela Anderson. But people will say that about Wikipedia. Its just Bias."[11]
which is just stunning.

Clearly in a world gone MAD where we have a war between FoxNewsKorpParty v. WeeklyStandardOfTheKommisarriate about which is the true marxianist threat.... one has to wonder, what if Bismark had a boob job?

What if the real tragedy here is that we have the talking heads on TV never noticing that they are not talking about the actual costs and consequences of the deregulation process that has been failing now for over twenty years. What if the real tragedy here is that the problem is NOT about some Sparts v. Trotskyite v. Maoist Politically Correct failure to comprehend marxism. But about the unpleasant reality that we as a nation had a chance to point out that Glass-Steagal had merit, it had been the basis for a sound economic compromise between the mythological land of PureLandBuddhist Kapitalism, and some mythological satanic, lives on the blood of virgin white christian aemrican teenage cheerleaders, government.

What if the most glorious of all Military Victories ever is that Komrade Party Leader Ayn Rand not only got her myth system about post-rationalism sold as 'reason', but also got folks like Robert Rubins, Lawerance Summer, and Allen Greenspan to open the doors to a Moskva Style Gangsterism the likes of which one really had to be a recovering NKVD operative to fully embrace.

Some will recall the running joke in russia about how everything the party told them about soviet russia was false, but what they warned them about what would happen to russia has come true.

As a last piece of evidence we turn to that great sage, Senator Fred Dalton Thompson, who in The Hunt for Red Oktober, said:
The average Rooskie, son, don't take a dump without a plan.
and if you can not trust a senator acting like an admiral in a movie to be a very font of wisdom, then whom can you trust these days? ( I mean we elected Cmdr. Casey Abbott to be president, and an admiral is bigger than a mere Cmdr! )

So we arrive at the conclusion that the Soviets, who had used Komrade Party Leader Ayn Rand to teach red army troops, would then use her to worm her way into the Red Hollywood Elites as some sort of alternative Red Queen. Her mission to embark upon the very KulturKampf that would lead to the KulturalHegomony, not of some ikky pooh red hordes thing, but of the highest of all possible manifestation of The True Kult Of Personality, the very finest of unbridled Master Of The Universe World where Great Leader is defined by his Greatness of Great Power! Where there are no longer any of those pesky american liberal defenses against tyranny - the law and the rule of law as it regulates what commerce is allowed in a actual fair market system.

With the collapse of the Fair Market System, and the enhancement of the totally deregulated Banking System, it is not at all surprising that the DrainStreamMedia High levels of chromium found in Chicago-area tap water can now leak that the public water system is, well, a basis for buying more private water from private water bottling corporations. Since we really should not want to be COMMUNISTS and impose things like the Clean Water Act which was CRAMED down the throat of peace loving americans by that Red Communist Maoist Dupe of Peking Richard M. Nixon.

So yeah, it could be a mere fiction. Maybe it is merely dumb luck that Komrade Party Leader Ayan Rand would lead to the collapse of actual reasoning in favor of sloganeering. The abandonment of actual economics in favor of mere sloganeering, and the collapse of what had been one of the greatest banking systems, in the name of mere sloganeering.

But one has to wonder. What would YOU do if you were Komrade Party Leader Rusky Head of NKVD and you need to show that you had a longer term plan.

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