drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

The DrainStreetMedia

Recently unnamed sources provided me with insight into the new terms that can be used in public. Given that lameStreamMedia[tm] is currently a corporate trade mark, it would criminal, without the appropriate licensing agreement, to use such a term in a public information exchange, and is deemed a threat to feeDome if used in a private communication and/or thot experiment without first registering with the National Security Information Protection Enhancement Directorate. (nSIPED)

It should be noted that nSIPED has cleared for public use the DrainStreetMedia as the official designation for potentially terrorist cells who engage in underproduct double plus ungood distribution of unverified defeatist rumours and unregistered thots.

If the displayer of information like related activities programmes does not have their official nSIPD id, then the source should be considered as a DrainStreetMedia and is most likely already circling the memory hole. This process of positively distinguishing between Government Sanctioned Information Like Related Activities Programmes and the disinformation campaigns of unpersons and the fellow travelers of unpersons, will help persons know if they are engaged in the thot crime of unregistered thots.

So look for the nSIPED label. Anything less and you are going with the flow of the DrainStreetMedia!
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