drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

WikiLeaks is F.A.B.

And for those old enough, why yes, ThunderBirds Are Go! and all of that nostalgia kamp.

The current kraphuphel about the current rounds of wiki leaks lead the reasonable person to one of several basic conclusions:
  • Folks can not remember the Pentagon Papers
  • Hitlery and her RadFemiSmurfSaucers are not to be picked on, like those welfare statists in the DOD
  • Threatening the release of the Banking Systems Fiasco is a scary threat! but one short of threatening the PRC with anti-state terrorism of information release!
There is of course the total disconnect in all of this, that some how in a majikal time of the nation being majikal we should keep finding these media extravaganza's about how the beast from the pit of cleveland has risen and is eating the flesh of young christian unborn babies, who have not yet even actually been fertilized eggs, but are merely the potential persons who might become soul bearers if...

There is another thought that is brewing in all of this, what if there are core problems in the current Cultural Hegemony that are just not working well, and we all need these little wizard of OZ moment to keep us all amused. I think that it is a reasonably obvious matter to note that our friends at FauxNews have been advocating both class warfare and a kulturkampf for years now. Granted they are the obvious puppet toadies of their Rich Ruling Elites and prefer to be the hand maiden of tyranny than to live out the unpleasantness of opposing the hand that leashes them!

So yes, I can and do appreciate that Hitlary and her Personal Guard of RadFemiSurfSaucies could be the hard ball players in the current crusade against WikiLeaks, since clearly embarrassing the ruling elites is a Grave Horror, and we really can not allow this sort of thing to happen!

But why was this not done under the scary thot of embarrassing the ruling elites of the DOD? I mean, does it really matter what happens to the riff raff in the welfare state services? Since, well, it is not like they are actually members in good standing of the ruling elites. They are, at best, rent-a-thugs, to be leased out by such great war heroes at Fighting Alaskan WelfareStatist Joe who wanted to work his way up to status of the Next Sarah!

So the more likely problem here is that there are somewhat embarrassing things in the pending release of material about the recent failure of the shadow banking systems! Oh ME! Oh MY! What ever would that be? More details about the core systemic failure in the myths of laissez faire capitalism? That would be relevant if that were in some way a NEW assertion. Rather than merely an affirmation of the boring details that have been understood in the economic world outside of FantasyIsland.

I rather expect that the real reason we are having the current WikiLeaksAreDemonic festival is that lovely marriage of the Denialists dealing with the unpleasantry that PresidenteShirksAway has been just as much a puppet of the ruling elites as Sarah will be. Which is probably the biggest of uglies in all of this mess -- the wake up call to americans that the delicate balance has been broken.

Now, we could engage in a process of addressing the actual issues. We could address the framing of cultural hegemonies. We might even discuss the problems of why the denialism of american culture has led us here to this current failure.

We might even ask if there are problems with trying to form a government around the next round of Paris Hilton freak show follies.

Or we can avoid all of that and adopt the simpler vision of life:
Looking at people funny like is Terrorism!
Hence Reading is Terrorism!
Thus Reading WikiLeaks is EggPlant!
I mean it no worse a solution than all of the rest of the games of avoidance that are currently in play.

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