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Can Heathen Oppose God's Appointed?

A German citizen's lawsuit claiming he was kidnapped, imprisoned and tortured by the CIA went before a US court Friday, drawing attention to highly disputed US practices in the fight against terrorism.

The lawsuit by Lebanese-born German Khalid El-Masri charges that former CIA director George Tenet, other CIA officials and US-based aviation companies with violations of US and international law.

The US government has called for the case to be thrown out, citing the rarely used argument that a trial would risk exposing state secrets.

El-Masri alleges he was seized in Macedonia in 2003 and handed over to US officials, who brought him to Afghanistan as a terror suspect and mistreated him during a five-month detention. He says he was released without explanation in May 2004 in Albania.

The suit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), a human rights group, argues that El-Masri is innocent and was held for two months after Tenet was informed that his capture was a mistake.

There have been several reports of so-called 'extraordinary renditions' - capturing terror suspects and taking them to a third country - and torture in the US-declared war on terrorism.

A Washington Post last year that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) operates secret prisons abroad, including in Eastern Europe, has touched off an investigation by the European Parliament. El- Masri's case is part of the inquiry.

[ cf German's CIA abduction claim aired in US court ]
Let us be honest here! This is more of the Same Old Evil Liberal PERSECUTION OF CHRISTIANS that we have come to expect of the evil LIBERALS who adopt the God Hating America Bashing attitude that some how America should be CRUSHED under the Iron Boot of International Law by God Hating America Bashers who are Unwilling to Accept that The Divine Will has been Made Manifest In America and therefore if the Divine Decider has Decided that a Person must be detained, for what ever reason, or lack of reason, that this is the Clear Decision Of The Divine Decider and can not be Attacked but that One Is ATTACKING GOD!!!!!

The EVIL GOD HATING AMERICA BASHING RADICAL LEFTIST TERRORIST FRONT ORGANIZATION retuters has their take in Judge to rule on dismissal of Masri torture case where they complete SECULARIZE the whole discussion as their part in the Assault Against White Christian America!!!

Can we now add the following
The Bush administration based its dismissal argument on affidavits from Porter Goss, who was CIA director before announcing his resignation last week, that officially assert the executive branch of government's state secrets privilege. The privilege is a legal precedent that gives President George W. Bush the right to protect U.S. military and state secrets.

"By their very nature, clandestine intelligence activities are not acknowledged by the United States," Goss said in a public affidavit. He also filed a classified affidavit with the court.

[ cf reuters op cit ]
Could it be that Porter Goss went on vacation here to avoid being sucked into the growing web of doubt about what would happen to him if the Protective Shield of the Presidential Protect were to be abandoned in the wake of the growing Watergate-Watergate Scandal, as it winds up getting sucked into the Malstrom of these Extraordinary Rendering Angst Festivals...

Oh dear... what ever will americans do? What IF, as the Evil Main Stream Media is implying here, by even raising the Vile Spectre of the Now Un-Person Porter Goss, that there is some sort of connection betweeen the Watergate-Watergate Scandal, with it's HoookerGate Faction on one side, and this with the Extraordinary Rendering and Pro-Torture Stand of the Administration on the Other Side??? Do the Evil Liberal Media Types REALLY want to suggest that the President is aware of the connection between the HookerGate and the Torture Tribulations, and HanoiAnnie Coulter's Fetish for restoring the Rape Rooms....

What EVER will the Evil Liberal Media finally learn in these Evil And Sinister Shocking Revelations, with their sintelating sensational sexual subtexts!!! Will we finally get the sort of "made for TV" scandal that can be predicated upon Rupert Murdoch, of Fox News Corp, funding Hitlary and her RadFemiNazi's in their Assault On Our White Christian America that has caused this level of Moral Filth And Preversion of the Decent sorts as their Culture Of Corruption Rots away the very Firm, pert, and Perky, foundation of the American Way of LIFE!!!

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