drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Why not face the ugly?

The simple plain truth of the matter is that the Keynesian Model was proven tragically right, again. There had been a chance in 2009 to not only restore a reasonable regulatory model for a sound financial system that would have heralded the return of the prudent man theory to banking and economics, but would have provided the reasoned approach to restarting the economy.

But first off the obamanites opted out of the required consensus building to get the level of actual economic stimulous required, then opted against the opportunity to get the level of adulthood out of the financial sector that any sane and sober Venture Capitalist would have done, when it comes to offering up the level of bridge money that was put into play. As those who have been in the fun of creating a start up at that early stage of the game, there is no ambiguity about how 'the game is played'. So please, save me the poseur posturing rhetoric, from the joe the plumber fan club, where folks are neither plumbers nor actually running a real start up. That ultimately has been the grand tragedy of the NewsCorporationParty. While one has to respect Murdoch's willingness to abandon his own nation of origin to destroy another. One has to wonder why it is that the Red Communists in Australia have opted to maintain a limitation on the cross ownership of media outlet corporations.

One really has to respect the InterGoogles, since I never knew that there was a whole ZionistBolshivikiBankingKonspirkii side to the NewsCorporationParty. Clearly if he is a part of the illuminati, and lives on the blood of innocent unborn white christian american teenage virgin cheerleaders, it would explain his majikal talent to put together not only the FauxNews service, but the very political party of FauxNews! He is appealing to them in a language that they understand.

I think it is safe to say that we really have not seen anything useful from the so called Tea Party, save that they have been able to show that there are folks willing to come out. Sometimes in ways they seem not to like, ( cf Republicans Scrub Nazi-Impersonating House Candidate From Young Guns Website and yes, supporting the Waffen SS 5th Panzer may be a bridge too far for the typical confederate flag waving exceptionalists. )

I rather expect that we are in for a bad decade or so. It is possible that if the democrats hold the house and senate, that the obama administration would view this as a basis to try to come up with some plan to help fix the broken economy. The fact that the presumptive new GOP house leader has been talking in the language of trying moderation is an interesting idea. Who knows, americans may actually decide that sanity has some value. But I am not holding my breath.

If the tea party folks carry their same wild and crazy guy approach to the process into Congress I expect to see the usual efforts to impeach Obama for being a Space Alien. Anything, just so long as it sells more NewsCorporationParty Swag! Since as we all know, the new epistemology is all about how moving units proves the point! Since if it moves units, it must be true.

A funny position, especially when folks are still upset with bernie madoff and his like. I mean, they were moving units, until that nasty governmental excess regulation of the market had them arrested for fraud. Ah yes, not that I am really worrying all that much about the hob goblin of lesser minds, that scary, scary part about mere consistency.

But it might be a great place to start.

Who knows, we have a couple of decades to work on this stuff. Since right now there just is nothing that is moving the chance to have a real Keynesian Governmental Fiscal Stimulus like WWII. Yes boys and girls, WWII was a great illustration about government working as the last source of demand when the aggregate demand has fallen. It is not that warMongering is actually profitable. Since, clearly, if warMongering were a money making show, then either there was suddenly no war starting in 2007, which could have happened. Since when people stopped viewing theWar as crisis number one, well, gosh, not only did tinker belle fall out of the sky, but she decided to Suck Up all of the spare liquidity on the way down!!!!

So as we go forward, it might be a great time to look at how do we really want to provide the sorts of productivity gains that will provide for the general improvement in the economy. Some will recall from god alone only knows how many variations on the basic economic problem as war game - one must first raise the tech level enough to get the farmers off the farm without inducing starvation. Then one has to find the right level of work to keep them providing the goods and services that people will really want and use in a sustainable way.

It might just be time for folks to look at how real economics really works! Take it out of the hand of mere sloganeering pious posturing poseurs! and dig into the mechanics of the subject. Why gosh, who knows, that way might lead us to reconsider whether or not economics is a part of Majik Land? Or is it a part of the same domain of knowledge that we use for treating other forms of sickness. You know, putting leaches and blood letting, until the four humours realign correctly.

Oh heavens no! Why that way would lead to the question about where do we really want to put our ethical models? Do we really want to allow the Free Market to sell under age boys to the US Military? Because, well, the US Military was offering the top dollar in the market? Given the growing threat that Prop19 might pass. Have any of those hate feeDome types figured out where are they going to get the jobs for all of the people thrown out of work because the illegal trade in marijuana is no longer creating the risk differential that allows for the armed players, attorney's and fashion chic money launderers who has dry clean and lightly starch any currency.

Why yes, as a nation, we might even ask whether it is worth the tax payer's dollars to have 'fleet week' - I mean, why not squander those bucks on things like schools. If we are just going to throw away money so that some can compensate for having never served in a military, why not throw it away in a useful manner?

Ah yes. What if we, as a nation, were to retreat back into the age of reason?

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