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Arizona to mandate that numbers are numerical!

Yes happy Kampfr's, as a bond new drewing a line, I look forward to seeing AZ step in and mandate that Numbers are Numerical! A hard won third option, given the really strong commitment to both the "numbers are numerological" and "number theory is just a theory" crew.

I wander this way since I find it interesting that the NYT opted to opt in with Why Arizona Drew a Line which does a lovely job of defending the legal limits for 'reasonable suspicion', and then proceeds to defend the somewhat interesting thesis
The New Law does nothing new.
Which seems such a surprise! I mean, uh, why waste the tax payer's hard earned cash play acting that there is a new law in town that will do something about some folks some where...

Then there is this piece of marvel:
Iraq war veteran may be denied citizenship
Ekaterine Bautista served honorably for six years and earned a Combat Action Badge, but she used a relative's name. She fears deportation.
[ cf Iraq war veteran may be denied citizenship ]

What is god's wonderful meaning we should divine from this?

That the US Military is so hard up to get troops they were willing to take on illegal immigrants?

How can this be?

What is the real issue that really needs to be address in the immigration issue? Is it that those illegals were taking away all of the high paying jobs in the US military... Or what?

While working the deal here, try to remember to construct the argument in a way that we do not get bogged down with the details about how in a Free Market System radical left wing extremist progressive like the Godless AZ legislature should not be impeding the free trade in the free market with these shilly shally laws about where a person is allowed to work. I would hate to consider that a lame fail. But be reasonable.

What majikal solution was the AZ law suppose to really produce? Remember to construct the argument in a way that doesn't simply say that when one has gone bonkers after 8 years of the Failed Liberalism of Dubya, and the growing Imperial Presidency of Obama, that, uh, these things happen.

Maybe it would be a good time for americans to ponder if there were some merit to the idea of restoring reasoning as a reasonable way of doing these things. Why who knows, we might get to numerical numbers, and then metrics of analysis, and heaven only knows, the testable hypothesis.

It could happen.

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