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The Slavery Question.

It was amusing, to say the least, that the recent discussions coming out of the south is that there is no clear and compelling reason to note slavery as a part of the confederacy month, since now, majikally, and for no apparent reason we are suppose to believe that slavery is bad.

One has to wonder do we still recognize the missouri compromise. Clearly if that even occurred in our american history, one has to wonder who were those seeking the compromise, given the current understanding that slavery is bad.

For those who may not recall the minor matter at law, we are one amendment away from returning to The Dred Scott Decision being stare decisis. Which does raise the question, given that we have repealed prohibition as a failed, Social Engineering - and thus, well, given the rhetorical posturing about whether or not we should engage in social engineering, the matter should be a bit more nerve racking than so many take it to be.

So it would be nice to know why exactly it is that those championing Confederate History Month want us to believe that they are that committed to whistling past the grave yard on the moral and ethical questions about not only 'slavery' as a market force issue, but as a moral issue on par the very same biblical literalism that gave us Loving v. Virginia.

Yes, I understand that in an age of Identity Politics, it may be hard to recall that there was once a very active biblical literalism that was not merely the actions in churches, but had the means and commitment to argue their cases before the US Supreme Court. Oh dear, yes kiddies, Loving v. Virginia, op cit, was argued before the Supremes. It had once been the very hall mark of true faith and piety.

But if you raise the matter of law about our white christian america, well, who but the so called extremists, are willing to step up and bring their biblical literalism with them into the public discourse. Even more so now that psuedo conservatives, as those in the state of mississippi, are willing to offer up the bland generality that some how it is received wisdom that slavery is not a gooder thing.

Oh dear me.

Have I been so impolite as to remind folks that what they believe may be problematic in the future?

Or worse yet, the scary thought, that while it may be popular, trendy, and hip, to presume that if even the radical left wing defeatists in Virginia and Mississippi are willing to say that slavery is a bad thing, that we are but one amendment away from it being established law!

So why exactly is it that slavery is bad?

Is there some clear and compelling argument that will survive the next Robespierre arrived to bring us the new and improved 'uncorruptable'....

Or does that point at the core problem here, namely and to which there are issues with the mythos of Jean Jacques Rousseau and the abandonment of reasoning in favor of some mythological natural state? A return to the age of eden as it were....

So the challenge here is not merely to the so called vast right wing religious konspirakii, but also to the romantic and equally dangerous ones on the left who's commitment to the abandonment of reasoning is their sole compelling argument.

Please, remind me again why it is that we have resolved the slavery question?

Or should I play tip toe through the tulips while reading from Wage, Labor and Capital - or for those pretending to be somewhat conservative, some other austrian texts....

No please, argue your case, and bring the reasoning you like to the matter.

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