drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Late Night Angst

So you wake up in the middle of the night in a pool of your own blood. Your First Thought is:
  • I wonder which binary nerve agent has been deployed?

  • Of Course WE MUST end the capital gains tax, and end the double taxation of Stock Dividends!/li>
  • Clearly only by Clubbing The Gay Baby Seals can we protect the sanctity of Marriage!

  • Jesus has always supported Pre-Emptive Retaliatory Nuclear First Strike against Heathens and those who Oppose The Great Leader in a Time of Tax Transferrance Unto The Unborn!!!

  • Only by ending the Environmental and Safety Regulations on the Nuclear Industry Will America be free from the Threat of Iranian Flying Saucers!!!

  • Freedom ISN'T Free!!!! So clearly we MUST raise the taxes on the Poor and those who hold Unamerican Attitutudes, but have not yet been turned into Productive Sources Of Electricity!!!

Or do you go with some sort of God Hating America Bashing Heathen Idolatry based upon the Abomination of The Evil Evolutionists and wonder which combinations of herbs and drugs has lead to an unpleasant decrease in the blood coagulant?

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