drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

The holy wars continue.

First off we have the question about BaBa O'Reilly coming out as both Pro-Gay and Anti-White Christian American! What other recourse are we to take that he wants to pay the court costs to persecute White Christian Americans who are protesting the Gay HomoZeXual War of the Evil Obamanites?

Ok, yes, some will argue that simply because the protest occurred back in 2006, Father Of Dead Marine Ordered To Pay Legal Fees Of Westobro Baptist Church Protesters , that the protest occurred prior to Obama being on watch... But yeah, those folks are just confused about how EVIL the obamanites are in these evil things.

In related news, of course, is the GODLESS persecution of the Holy Crusader who struck down the murderer of the UnBorn, on the word of god - and was still swinging through today's sentencing phase of the game. Why if only they had allowed him to show some sort of photo's about miscarriages, then of course the court would have clearly seen that such are the acceptable justifications.

Then there is that part of the party programme where we are all suppose to Oppose the Godless Radical Left Wing Extremist Soft on WhatEver Michigan Militia types who abandon our White Christian American Holy Jihaudist^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H Warriors who were fighting the secular state, and, well, let us be honest, I rather expect that they were banking on their co-religionists in the USAF to give it up to god and bring the nuclear tipped ALCM's as a part of the Holy PURGING of the anti-christs ranks.

Ok, so today was a cranky kinda day, when this reasonably intellectually intelligent cowOrker was whining about 'but what if the script invokes an remote shell to execute a command on a remote machines' - and I ran into the need to remind myself, that we will have to be careful here, since, we need to make clear to them that any command executed upon the remote machine that does not cause a change of state on the remote machine will be as if schrodinger's cat opted to lick a paw and bug out of the box. While clearly it is an event in occurrence it is not an observable event, and therefore not one of the sorts of events that we could observe the occurrence of...

Now do not get me wrong here folks. I think that if we allow mere secularist approaches to using science to be used, innocent children will be lead into death and destruction.

So far the islamicists have not been spending centuries in holy war with mere science and technology, so they are not as upset about science or technology. While their christianist counterparts have been so totally committed to a war on science first, that it may have impacted not only the dull boring and technical side of the debate - you know, which wire goes where - but they christianists may have opted out on the managerial sciences as well - you know, things like check lists and gannt charts - you know the holy information management systems before the chaulk drawings of mere power point presentations.

This might provide us with why it is that the evil god hating america bashing islamicists are willing to learn how to fly BIG planes into buildings - it is possible that the christianists are correct, and that the attack on the IRS by a distraught secularist TeaBagger against the IRS was not a truly pious and christian attack.

So while christianists are looking lame, lame, lame, the islamicists are blowing up chunks of formerly soviet russia.....

Now do not get me wrong here folks... we may not want to get toooooooo cranky about the texianists and their adoption of a christianist dogma about school books. They may be onto something here! Better that children are not aware of the obligatory management skill mix and the requisite technical capacities.... because, well, if the two of those things were to marry up to the holy warrior mentality, americans might be facing more dead americans as the christianists, dare I say it, evolved into a competent combat force!

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